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Jawa outfit

Websites visited before and while working on the costume :

Reference picture for this costume :



The most difficult part is to find the appropriate material to make the robe. Fisrt, I thought it was the same as the one used to make the old big coffee bags, but taking a close look, you clearly see some sort of linear pattern on the material.


After searching through the Internet (especially the websites mentioned at the beginning of this page) it turned out that it would be very similar to monk clothe.
It is possible to order such material from Internet but I didn’t want to buy it without being able to see it with my eyes (I’ve been disappointed quit a few times !!).
I finally went for some sort of gunny material exactly the perfect brown and aspect found in my favourite fabric store.


For the pattern, I followed tutorial. Inside the hood I put a smooth black (but cheap) material to match the head which has to be completely black except for the eyes. Actually, the entire inside of the robe has been covered with this black material because the feel of gunny on the skin is not very enjoyable (not that I plan to be naked underneath the costume, I swear).

The result :



The eyes

Depending on what picture you’re looking at, the size of Jawa’s eyes considerably changes from tiny to very big !



I decided to stay somewhere in the middle with these orange plastic decorative stones that I found again in my favourite fabric store (originally, they’re to be glued on clothes for fun).


One side of these orange parts is rounded and the other is flat but metallized so I sanded the metallization off to make them translucent.


To make those eyes shine in the dark, I use two white LED and to get a better diffusion of the light, I cut the top off and completely sanded the LED.


To keep the LED right behind the orange plastic stone, I used this little plumber accessory (originally used to fix pipes on walls) :



Sanded and painted black, I drilled two holes for the wires of the LED to come out.




Eyes of the Jawas are lower than ours which is good for the people under the costume who can actually see in front of him when walking !

The two little plumber accessories with the LED inside are strongly attached on a simple mask using rivets. The bottom of the mask has been cut off because it can get really hot under.





To light up the two LED I use the same power supply than in my Vador belt boxes : LM78L05 chipset and 9V battery according to this scheme :


I’ve choosen RCA plugs to connect the two LED to the power supply so I can easily unplug it when not in use.


Once everything wired, I found a small black ABS box at to put the electronic in.



And here is the power supply :




Just because you don’t see Jawa’s feet doesn’t mean you can wear red high heels lady shoes (this is part of your private life). To match the robe, my wife found those cheap boots :



Jawa’s hands are black so a pair of black gloves will do fine.
On a few pictures, you can see their forearms which seem to be quit hairy !


Maybe I’ll find something close enough in a joke shop. I’ll check that later.



The first shoulder strap, the one with 5 pouches on the front that can be either black or brown, comes from the British army during the Second World War. It’s a model produced between 1903 and 1908 but which has been used many years after that.

The second shoulder strap is a simple black or brown belt which is used to attach a holster (for either a blaster or an ion gun) and a black triple pouch which also comes from Second World War but from the German army. It was used originally to hold 3 Mauser 98K rifle magazines.

I found those products at


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