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Finished props

Indiana Jones Lifesize exhibition

Lifesize replica of the ark of the covenant seen in « Raiders of the lost ark » movie. Made for the Indiana Jones Lifesize exhibition organized during the French sci-fi convention SF-Connexion. Bottom part of the ark made by Sebastien (great job !).


Star Wars Imperial guard


Imperial Knight outfit

Outfit seen in Star Wars Legacy comics. Composed of a fiberglass armor, metal and leather made belt and a cape.


Jawa outfit

As seen in Star Wars episode IV ANH


Jawa ion gun

Replica of an ion gun used by Jawas in Star Wars episode IV ANH


Master Replica Force FX lightsaber conversion into LED saber


Firework launching system


Modification of an old Hasbro E-11


Luxeon Vader Episode III lightsaber


Luxeon Jedi lightsaber


Sith outfit (part III)


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